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The book "Thora und Wissenschaft" - Jakob ben Luria, contains a discourse on music too. To illustrate some of the discussed principles J.b.L. composed two pieces of music, namely "Awodat Jeruschalaim" (1984) and "Transfiguratie" (1982) . 1985, during his convalescence after a major heart surgery, in one of the hardest years of his life, he composed the song "Schema Israel" - a mono recording of this song exists, sung by him late in his life. Based on the same principles the longstanding co-worker J.b.L's - Abraham den Dunnen - composed the "fünfzehn kurze Musikstücke für Klavier" (15 short pieces for piano) in a classic stile. All pieces of music you can listen to below.






1 .         Awodat Jeruschalaim - Jakob ben Luria (1984)


             played on the electronic organ of the

             academy by Abraham den Dunnen                                                                        


2.         Transfiguratie - Jakob ben Luria (1982)


             Abraham den Dunnen at the organ of the

             Altenberger Dom (Germany) 1995


             This piece of music is a transfiguration of the fol-

             lowing short organ work (see "more information"):



4.         a. Fünfzehn kurze Musikstücke für Klavier -

                         Abraham den Dunnen (2009)


            Midi performance with score


            More Information





Abraham den Dunnen (geb. 1952) graduated from the academy of music (Den Haag, Netherlands) for piano and concert organ (classic) and (by way of similar state qualification) for Hammond organ (Jazz). A.d.D. was closest co-worker of Jakob ben Luria from 1979 until the dead of J.b.L. 2005

Abraham den Dunnen (2010)

see for more information about

Jakob ben Luria:


Jakob ben Luria - Life and Work

Jakob ben Luria (2001)


Abraham den Dunnen (2010)


Jakob ben Luria (2001)

NB! All pieces of music (scores) are registered legally since the date of creation as stated above.

Copyright © Jitzak Luria Academie, Postbus 2072, 3000 CB Rotterdam, Netherlands - all rights reserved.

1st. movement:


2nd movement:


3rd. movement:

1st. movement


2nd movement


3rd. movement

             Preludium und Fuge g - J.S. Bach


             played on the electronic organ of the

             academy by Abraham den Dunnen                                                                        







3.         Schema Israel - Jakob ben Luria (1985)*


             *sung by Jakob ben Luria late in his life (mono

              recording). The last note, the high tonic, Jakob

              ben Luria could not reach anymore.

              Instead he sings the quint, three notes lower





Schema Israel

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Listen to the “Preludium und Fuge für Konzertorgel“ -

Abraham den Dunnen (2012)


played by the concert organist Christiaan Ingelse on the

main organ of the St. Janskerk in Gouda, Netherlands

organ of the "Grote of St. Janskerk" Gouda (Netherlands)

Christiaan Ingelse at the organ of the "Grote of St. Janskerk" Gouda (Netherlands)

Listen to the: Sonatine für Blockflöte und Cembalo f moll of

Abraham den Dunnen (2016)


Played by Magda de Jong recorder, Christiaan Ingelse harpsichord

during a concert in the St. Jans church in Gouda, Netherlands


          Sonatine played by Magda de Jong and Christiaan Ingelse - Youtube Video


Magda de Jong and Christiaan Ingelse - copyright Anneke Ingelse
concert program

See also Midi-performances on Youtube

Listen to the: Blockflötensuite for seven different recorders

Abraham den Dunnen (2018)


played by Magda de Jong - recorder


          Blockflötensuite played by Magda de Jong - Youtube Video


Listen to the composition: Kontemplation for flute and organ

Abraham den Dunnen (2018)


played by Peeke Hoekstra - flute, Christiaan Ingelse - organ

during a concert in the "Hervormde Kerk", Haastrecht, Netherlands