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Own projects



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J.L.A. Thenach program - own information files

In order to distribute information, notes, exegeses, tips, word- and verse translations can be bundled into one single file under an appropriate name. After installation, a user loads the project under this name (see picture). A RTF-information file can be bundled with. You can include a link to a Bible passage too - the program then jumps to this place on loading the project. With that you can also make projects for one single chapter or even for one or more verses.



J.L.A. Thenach program - loading extern projects

The buttons:

inserting notes

- start the processors for adding word translations, word tips and verse tips, which are directly visible in the main window. By clicking the note-buttons you can enter and view notes and exegeses with links to Bible passages, Greek and Hebrew text.



The Tanach program includes eight word/data processors. You can make with them (besides own Tanach versions):








The Tanach program with (possible) own translations (below - here German), own word tips (yellow popup window), own explanations (right) and own verse tips (in between, bottom - here German).