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Analytical functions

The analytic functions analyse the Bible text in many ways, e.g. according to lengths and values of words, verses, chapters and Bible books, according to equal parts, palindromes, reverse passages, cross-values and value factors.


The results are shown in lists, which can be saved and loaded again. The functions make 80 different lists and many make an infinite number of lists depending on your input.

J.L.A. Thenachprogram - all Thenach words by numerical values

Adjacent function makes lists of all different Tanach words sorted according to their numerical values. If you print them, you have all Tanach words per numerical value at your disposal.

J.L.A. Thenachprogram - searching value sequences

The function "sequences" (on the right) looks for sequences of up to 15 numerical values in the Bible. Here the numerical values of the measures of Noah's Ark (50-30-300) are filled in.

The section analysis contains three extra ELS-code-functions, see vertical search functions (ELS-code) .


The function "Tanach text in other words" rearranges selected parts of the Tanach text into other of the almost 40.000 different Tanach words. According to some tradition the Thora was handed down in the form of a string of letters without spaces and so the Thora text could be split up sometimes into other words too. The function tor example arranges the first verse of the Bible into 189 new word divisions.


The musical analysis function:

J.L.A. Thenachprogramm - musical interpretation of Thenach text

- links Hebrew letters to pitches and rhythms. It plays arbitrarily selected Tanach text according to 7 pitch scales and 7 rhythm arrays, all changeable and saveable. Note view and text change with and are fully printable. The note played and its letter are highlighted.


J.L.A. Thenachprogram - own mouse menus extensions

      (the left menu is part of the standard-mouse menu; the sub menus are the possible adding of a user)


Lists can be edited, saved and loaded again and can be inserted under own titles in two levels in the menu on the right mouse button, so that they are always quickly at disposal.

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