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J.L.A. Tanach Search- &
Research Program
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* (in some webbrowsers double-click the file "thenachpr.exe" after downloading. This file is mostly displayed in a window by the web browser or you can find it with the Windows-explorer in the download folder)

**23,4 MB on harddisk


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J.L.A. Thenach Pogram - instruction and information film (English)
film Jakob ben Luria books (English)
film J.L.A. Thenachprogram (English)
film performance of "Transfiguratie" - Jakob Ben Luria

The program files are packed into one single file, recognized by Windows-Installer* (part of Windows). After downloading confirm the Windows-question if you want to install. After the installation these three icons are on your desktop:

       J.L.A. Thenachprogram - program icon            J.L.A. grammar - program icon            J.L.A. vocals - program icon

To remove the programs act as usual. Click on the Start-button left at the bottom of the Windows desktop. Choose Control Panel | Software (Programs) | J.L.A. Search & Research Program | Uninstall.

If the first time the texts are not English click in the menubar on "Program" (Programm(a)); choose "Language-Sprache-taal" and then "English/Englisch/engels":
  J.L.A. Thenachprogram - program and manual language

- all texts, including the manual (F1), appear in the new language without starting the program again.

The J.L.A.-programs do not change the country and language and keyboard settings of your computer. Own functions display the Tanach text and the Hebrew text you enter with the computer keyboard or with the mouse keyboard of the search dialog windows.

Windows98/Me: If you don't have Windows Installer 2.0 or higher on your computer, you can download it from the Microsoft Website. Or you can install the program on another computer, make a program copy on a memory stick with "help | program copy | on memory stick" and install the program with setup9598.exe from the memory stick




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