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The extensive function offers a lot of features more:
  J.L.A. Thenach program - extensive text search function
(for the chart button J.L.A. Thenachprogramm - chart function see: Charts)

Text can be entered with the computer keyboard or with the mouse-keyboard of the dialog windows. The program works independently of the country and language settings of your computer and does not change them.

Also the functions for searching numerical values, for Gematria (numerical values of entered text), for sums (of selected parts of the Bible) and for ELS-code come in two versions.


The sections "Analysis" and "Extra" contain many functions more.


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Searching text and numerical values

buttons of the main window

All basic search functions are available in two versions. The big buttons in the main window start the common search functions; the [+]-buttons next to them start the extensive versions.

With the simple text search function e.g. one can search for words without the necessity to deal with settings:

J.L.A. Thenachprogram - common text search function