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J.L.A. Tanach Search- &
Research Program
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In the status bar below the ELS-Codes of the search results (one or two terms) and their display are indicated.


Also vertical search results can be loaded in an arbitrary number of sub windows side by side for comparison.


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ELS-code (Bible-code)

The vertical search functions were designed for ELS-code-researchers with an interest in the hidden depths of the Bible itself. For that far-reaching parallelism exists between the horizontal and the vertical display of Tanach text and search results.


At every time you can switch between the horizontal and vertical view of Tanach text with the same letter under the cursor. In both modes the King James translation runs parallelly with (can be switched off). With the "go to"-function you can jump to Bible passages in the vertical text too. Besides the ELS-Code-functions almost all search routines work with both the horizontal and vertical text.


ELS-code function - up to 50 terms

J.L.A. Thenach program - ELS-Code search (50 terms)

Extensive ELS-code function - two terms:
J.L.A. Thenachprogram - ELS-code search function

The section "Analysis" contains additional three ELS-code-functions. You can make lists:

Almost all vertical functions are also applicable to the vertical Tanach text with spaces. In that case all words in the matrix are separated by one single space.


Tanach text can be changed and saved. You can make random Hebrew texts in 4 ways (5 books and their chapters according to the Torah). All program functions are applicable to these files too.

Complete vertical Tanach texts and search results or selections (horizontal or vertical or rectangle) can be printed and copied to the clipboard for inserting in word processors such as Word, Wordperfect. Matrixes can be displayed with borders or in vertical and horizontal endless-loops.


Vertical selected text can be arranged into the almost 40.000 different words of the Tanach.


Also in the vertical view the Bible place under the cursor is indicated (book + chapter + verse). In the window below the horizontal text runs with, with the letter under the cursor grey highlighted in the horizontal text.


Vertical search results are also displayable in the horizontal Tanach text. In both the horizontal and vertical view you can jump with theTab-key to the red marked letters of the search result in walk-around and the King James jumps with (if switched on).

J.L.A. Thenachprogram - ELS-Code with vowels

Vertical Tanach text and search results can also be shown with the vowels of the horizontal Tanach text