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The Tanach program includes a grammar to all Hebrew words of the Tanach (of the "Old Testament"). This grammar is strictly according to the vocalized text of the Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia 1997.

The grammar can be started from the desktop as a stand-alone program and as a module within the Thenach program:


J.L.A. Thenachprogram - grammar to all Hebrew Thenach words

Within the Tanach program the grammar also appears in a popup window if the mouse cursor hovers over a word of the Tanach text (can be switched off). Words vocalized as the word under the cursor are in purple.  

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J.L.A. Thenachprogram - Grammar to all Hebrew Bible words

J.L.A. Thenach program with Hebrew grammar and King James

J.L.A. Tanachprogram with Hebrew text on the left, King James parallel to the Hebrew text top right, grammar to the word under the cursor (yellow popup window)  and verse tips bottom right

Differently written words (defectively or in full) you can click on in the listbox "found too or instead". If you do not know the grammatical terminology you can leave a window with explanations of the abbreviations opened in a corner of the screen.




The headword under which the entered word can be found in a dictionary of (biblical) Hebrew is shown behind a dictionary symbol. Every grammar ends with the addition of a scriptural passage (e.g. Gen 25:4).